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The Process

Our goal is to make the land acquisition process as smooth and expedient as possible.

We follow a specific process in order to achieve this and we have set this out below for your reference:

Step One: Initial Due Diligence

Once we have made contact with you, the landowner, we will undertake our initial due diligence – this is a review of the site and whether development is a viable prospect, and we will cover a number of areas including reviewing the legal title and understanding the physical and planning constraints of the site.

Step Two: Site Visit

Once we have undertaken our initial due diligence we will usually visit the site, preferably with you, the landowner, to understand the lay of the land, any further constraints, the relationship with adjacent properties and the topography of the site.

At this meeting we will talk you through the due diligence we have undertaken and the outcomes of this and our view on the planning journey that will be required. We will also discuss your aspirations for the sale of the land and how we can structure a proposal to meet those aspirations, and the mechanics of how that would work.

Step Three: Making An Offer

Following the site visit we will undertake any necessary further due diligence, and if we haven’t already we will have a scheme drawn by an architect if it is appropriate for the site.

We will then write to you formally to set out our proposal, which will include the financial offer, our proposed planning strategy and the timescales in which we feel the agreement can be delivered. We will set out clearly and concisely any conditions to the offer and any further investigations works that may be required.

We are very happy to sit down with you to talk through the offer and answer any questions that you may have.

Step Four: Accepting the Offer

If you are happy with the proposal as set out within our offer letter, we will instruct solicitors to proceed with the legal agreements. We will draft Heads of Terms, which will set out the commercial terms (as detailed within the offer letter) which will act as a guide to both solicitors.
At the same time, we will undertake any survey work and searches required (such as ground investigation surveys and utility searches).

Step Five: Exchange of Contracts

Once the remaining due diligence is finalised, and the legal documents are agreed we are then in a position to exchange contracts. We do not have a lengthy board approval process – we can get on with it straight away.

Step Six: Post Exchange of Contracts

After we have exchanged contracts it will be our responsibility to drive the land and planning process – we will keep you updated as to our progress as we move forward so that you are clear where we are with the process and the likely timescales for completion.